Christmas Flowers & Decor - Home (residential)

Christmas Decorations at home - do you decorate your home on 1 December, first Advent, just before Christmas or have you decked the halls since Summer? In all cases, you have to consider the materials you use. Natural pine provides a festive feel as well as the scent but indoors it doesn't usually last more than a couple of weeks. Even the fir that does not drop its needles, will it start to lose colour slightly and curl. So for all natural materials, consideration for the duration of the display must be at the core of planning.

With artificial fir, flowers and decorations - these will stay all year around. During the past few years artificial flowers have really become popular and with new technologies, a very realistic fir is now also available as trees, garlands or branches. Lighting is also a lot more varied. Another great product I have recently seen are perfumes that you can hang in your tree - all the usual festive fragrances are on offer. So you can have a very realistic Christmas tree that smells like a real one - it would be hard to tell if it's real or not.

Decorations have also become more quirky, but nothing beats the classic baubles which always adds the classic festive feel.

Here are some examples of residential Christmas decor I have worked on in past.